Real estate investing powered by data, managed by humans.

Ascend Investment Management is a private equity investment firm utilizing a data science approach to real estate. Ascend has a successful track record of investing in single-family homes in fast growing markets.

Our Strategy

Ascend combines data-driven SFR portfolio aggregation strategy with a better rental model: Customers co-invest in the home they rent, investors enjoy standard SFR exposure with aligned tenants without the typical disadvantage of rent-to-own models.

Core SFR

Created to provide investment in stabilized, cash-flow producing real estate with demographic-driven demand. This strategy sources off-market single family homes in attractive markets with supply-demand imbalances.

Core+ BTR

Designed to capture consumers who rent by choice and want the lifestyle of multi-family buildings, but in single family homes or townhomes. This strategy finds recently developed communities and expedites lease up with Renting with Benefits.


Focused on identifying higher yielding assets in growth markets, deploying special situations, distressed, and contrarian strategies that generate positive alpha and attractive investment payback horizons.

About Us

Ascend Investment Management is a data-driven and technology-enabled real estate private equity investment firm managed by a team of experienced professionals with a proven track record of deal execution and above-benchmark net returns to investors.

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The Ascend Edge.

Our investment approach is focused on identifying opportunities in high-growth markets driven by secular trends and leveraging our expertise to identify assets with above average return potential. With a rigorous approach to due-diligence, asset management and a deep understanding of market trends, we are able to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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Data-Driven Residential

Managed by humans, powered by data.
A new way to rent.

Team & Track Record

Our team has 20+ years of combined experience as real estate private equity investors & data scientists investing for firms such as Blackstone, Two Sigma, Round Hill, Global Founders Capital and others.


Assets managed across residential asset classes

30% IRR

Over 20+ years of investing

2.0 MOIC

Multiple On Invested Capital - Cash Returned to Investors