SFR investing powered by data, managed by humans.

Ascend Investment Management is a private equity investment firm utilizing a data science approach to real estate. We have a successful track record of investing in single-family homes in fast growing markets.

High-Yield SFR, Made Institutionally Investable.

Industry-Leading Expertise

20 years’ worth of industry experience and proprietary investing frameworks, now available to you for superior returns.

Targeted Acquisitions

Expert strategies. On- and off-market sourcing. Dual desktop and on-the-ground underwriting. Excellent execution.

Full Lifecycle Management

Central and local teams execute together against NOI, occupancy, turn speed, and resident NPS - amongst other KPIs - to track and optimize our portfolios' financial performance.

Integrated Local Partner Network

We align ourselves with our local partners to protect and grow the asset base of our investors.

SFR: a Resilient Outperformer.

Residential is the Best Performing Asset Class in High-Inflation Environments.

U.S. housing - the largest and most liquid real estate asset class in the world - has traditionally seen institutional investment limited to multifamily properties. However, with a growing track record of successful Single-Family Rental investments, institutions increasingly recognize SFR's potential to further invest in U.S. housing and diversify from multifamily and other core real estate sectors.

The current housing supply-demand imbalance, coupled with robust macro and demographic drivers, positions SFR as a compelling investment class with the promise of sustained, attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Total Annual Returns by Asset Class
Office REITs
Retail REITs
S&P 500
Total SFR Returns
NAREIT (Jan 2024),
Total Annual Returns: SFR v. S&P 500
Total SFR Returns
S&P 500
Correlation Coefficient = -0.01
NAREIT (Jan 2024), Roofstock
Y-o-Y Home Price Appreciation & Rent Growth v. CPI (1987 = 100)
S&P CoreLogic Case-Schiller U.S. Home Price Index
Rent of Primary Residence CPI
St. Louis Fed Economic Research,
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

SFR in Numbers.

Total SFR opportunity in the US
Institutionally owned only
Undersupply of SFHs in the US

SFR Encapsulates the Best Features of Real Estate Investing.

High Fees
No tax shield
Regulatory Overhead
Diversified Risk
Hands-Off Management
Broad Geographic Reach
Management Overhead
High Fees
Tax Shield
Lean Private Management
Concentrated Risk
Hands-On Management
Geographic Constraints
Strategic Agency
Income and Appreciation
Geographic Constraints
Hands-On Management
Concentrated Risk
Tax Shield
Lean Private Management
Income and Appreciation
Strategic Agency
SFR Private Equity

We Deliver
Outstanding Value
Through SFR Aggregation.

Strategic Market Selection.
Through macro analysis of drivers of long-term structural trends, we find markets ripe with opportunity and poised for prosperity.
Flexible, Focused Strategies.
As a nimble investment manager, we pursue targeted investment strategies with positive risk-return characteristics in markets driven by secular trends.
Multi-Level Underwriting.
Proprietary data & analytics, complemented by our local intelligence, to source and underwrite under-valued properties.
Value-Engineered Renovations.
Capex that drives value: SFHs are updated to meet renters’ expectations,  reducing vacancy while capturing market-rate rents.
Hub-and-Spokes Management Model.
Centralized oversight paired with incentivized local managers in every MSA, working together to protect and grow our investments.
Innovative Asset Management.
Institutional asset management supplemented with innovative initiatives like our next-gen tenancy model Renting with Benefits®.

Ascend Real Estate Fund I

AREF I: A diversified SFR aggregation fund for pooled investments.
Private, SEC-compliant investment vehicle.
Institutional investors, qualified purchasers, and accredited investors.
High-Yield and Class A SFR.
Investment Horizon:
5-year target.
Tax Advantages:
Potential income tax shield through interest and depreciation.

Investment Accounts

Nationwide Capital Allocation:
Reach beyond your local market, leveraging our market data & analytics.
Custom SFR Portfolio Construction:
Work with our investment team to craft your desired strategy and buy-box.
Flexible Fund Structures:
We will set up an SPV tailored to your profile and long-term goals.
Financing Advisory and Procurement:
In times of challenging access and high cost of capital, we can be of help.
Integrated, End-to-End Services:
Full Lifecycle SFR service from acquisition, to management, to disposition.
Tax Advantages:
Potential income tax shield through interest and depreciation.
Our experienced team works with you to define your preferred investment strategy. Ascend’s investment vehicles are tailored to your risk-return profile and long-term investing goals. Our institutional capabilities at your service to build generational wealth through SFR.

Our Team.
Your Team.

Track record over 20+ years of real estate experience:

30% IRR achieved

Kenneth Luna


Kenneth Luna is a software engineer and data scientist who most recently worked at Blackstone, leading real estate data-science initiatives.

Prior to Blackstone, he spent 6 years at Two Sigma as an engineer and researcher across the hedge fund and private investments business.

Florian Schmitz


Florian Schmitz is a real estate private equity operator with over 10 years of experience investing in real estate and building real estate operating companies.

He was involved in acquiring & managing over $6bn AuM and over 100,000 residential units for firms such as Blackstone, Round Hill, and Deutsche Bank.

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